17 days ago about the time we were told the “back to school” date had changed for the beginning of April to the beginning of May; I put some ideas together. These different ideas came together to form a make-shift lesson plan to do with my 4 yr. old son Ian. Among these ideas were….

  • a letter of the day A-Z, turn this cutout letter into a word starting with that letter
  • reading at least 2 chapters a day form our chosen chapter book
  • a number of the day 1-20
  • trace and write the number of the day
  • Make flashcards with letters on one side and numbers on the other
  • go over these flashcards twice a day
  • Letter scavenger hunt – go through each room of your house and find two of that letter in each room.  The letter can be found in print form and an item like B for Batman
  • reinforce the letter and number of the day with activity book pages

Due to my impaired motor skills and left-brain personality, I have enlisted everyone in my house to help us.  Ledgeable printing, hot gluing and some creative input are all thanks to my household. My sister-in-law Nicole makes and cuts out the letters of the alphabet for us.  Then I ask people for words or I look on Pinterest for ideas and examples.  Keeping in mind what supplies we have as well as my limited skills, we then chose a word.  This is our work in progress…..

A is for Alligator
B is for Bunny
C is for Cat
D is for Dog
E is for Elephant
F is for Fish
H is for House
I is for Ice Cream
J is for Jellybean
K is for King
L is for Ladybug
M is for Mikey “the Ninja Turtle”
N is for Narwal
O is for Oreo
P is for Penguin
Q is for Quiver