My Quarantine Schedule


So here is the basic schedule I am using Monday – Friday. On the weekend we try to keep a similar schedule although Ian and I break from lessons (thank goodness). It, of course, is under constant revision, and believe it or not Ian does not always wake-up at the exact same time every day! This is what seems to be working for me and mine. I am feeling like all we can do is discuss what is and isn’t working for people. I am also trying to facetime a friend or one of Ian’s friends each day. I do also have a weekly therapy phone, which I am finding crucial. As well as give each other ideas and words of encouragement. So good books, craft ideas, anything share and if you can give any ideas. My husband is working from but I am available for my kids. I know everyone’s situation is different and that is why it is so important schedules are not laws. Please share your stories, schedules, what is working, do you have to work from home or…………………..?

  • 6:30a – Ian wakes, Mom takes meds, get up, go the bathroom
  • 7:30a -Breakfast, Mom 16oz water then Coffee
  • 8a – shower and dress, Ian, Dad, Mom
  • 9a – Morning lessons – Letter of the Day, Read, letter and number flashcards
  • 10a – Ian outside or downstairs with Katy/ Mom listen to an audiobook while picking-up and coloring
  • 11a – Lunch and screen time/ Mom blogs and preps for the afternoon
  • 1p – afternoon lessons – Letter scavenger hunt (find 2 of the letter of the day in print or something that starts with that letter), tracing and writing the number of the day, read, flashcards again, workbook pages of letter and number of the day
  • 2p – Theo, Ian, Justin and Mom outside or play upstairs, Mom does exercises
  • 3p -screen time for Ian and rest for Mom
  • 4p – Mom, and Justin make dinner and listen to music
  • 5p – Family Dinner
  • 5:30p Everyone helps clean-up
  • 6p – Daddy and Ian time, Mom picks-up and gets ready for tomorrow/ watches the news
  • 7p -Ian’s stories and bedtime
  • 7:30p – Mom’s screen time/ goof off
  • 9p – wash face and brush teeth
  • 9:15p – Read in Bed
  • 9:45p – Lights out