Looking to expand our village!

My husband, I and my younger son (Ian)

Yes, everyone needs support! I have come to understand in order to make our small family of 4 run smoothly and efficiently we need help. Quite honestly no one likes to feel like work, but we are. Sometimes there is no one to help and I need help showering and my husband needs help getting his shoes on. My Mom, Sister, and older son always find a way for me and my husband and younger son. To be present for things like Thanksgiving dinner or transfer out of my wheelchair to the recliner to watch a corny Christmas movie. In this game of life, how can your first string also be your second string and your substitutes? Answer – they are worn out and get sick of the game! Except this is our life, not a game, quitting is NOT an option for us! Cooking, Cleaning, and us! I get it we are a lot, but we need people who can do one of these things even once or twice a month for a couple of hours.

So, I want to create an Emergency Workers Contact list. If you would be willing/able to be added to that call list, please contact me!  Of course I am not asking for free labor, all will be compensated. You do not even need to commit to any certain amount of time/day –  just be on a list of people to call! I would love to have people shadow a member of my A-team to see how this all works.  

What is a PCA? = Personal Care Attendant

Me with my #1 PCA my sister Katy


A PCA is a person recruited and hired by an individual (PCA Consumer-employer) to physically assist in performing tasks, as trained, such as:

  • bathing and dressing
  • meal preparation
  • some transportation
  • housekeeping and shopping
  • help with ambulation and transfers
  • Laundry

My husband (Jimmy), and Ian

Part-time to very part-time! Please share this as much as you can!

email – eaclark508@gmail.com

txt – 508-963-1859

or facebook message me!