The Ripple Effect

It is extremely difficult to sort out the facts from the drama, in our (the worldwide) current situation (the viral outbreak). That being said there are different rules and threats in play when you are among one of the "high risk" categories (disabled, elderly. diabetic, pregnant, etc.). Whether you heed the warnings or not is … Continue reading The Ripple Effect

Modeling My Auntie

In my life, I have been fortunate to have been touched by an unbelievable number of beautiful people. I classify beauty as both inside and out. Among this large number, there are some who stand out in my memories more than others, and I truly think that I would be a different person without their … Continue reading Modeling My Auntie

My Sister

When I was little, my sister was my protector; my second mother; and my confidant.  She packed my lunch, watched over me, and even made all of the games for my birthday one year.  She was the mother hen to my baby chick.   My first real memory of my sister is her teaching me how … Continue reading My Sister