“Preparing for the Worst”

“Preparing for the worst, and hope for the best” is a motto I am choosing to live my new life by.  Instead of hope, I choose to put a little more determination in it saying "I will do my best."  I will face every situation, old or new as if it is the first time … Continue reading “Preparing for the Worst”

Starting Over, Again

The world is currently going through a time period that, a year ago, most of us would never have thought possible.  During such a time of uncertainties, I and many people around me are taking a step back and looking at their lives from a different perspective.  So many parts of our current lives are … Continue reading Starting Over, Again

My Intrepretation

I am and have been impacted by so many smart and talented people throughout my life. Within the past few years, I have been trying to focus on me, and what makes me tick. Not as a mother, a wheelchair-user, or someone's wife, but as a person who happens to describe herself with those adjectives … Continue reading My Intrepretation