Learning to Accept

    Over and over again I share all different aspects of my life, not because I am looking for praise or people’s approval, but because writing and sharing (venting) help me process a situation.    I also hope people can learn from my story.  I do not spend my time reading to my sons … Continue reading Learning to Accept

I Fried an Egg

Last night I fried eggs and bacon for Ian and me.  I have not cooked on a stovetop without anyone to assist me in about eight yrs.  I have always loved cooking, well baking if you want to get specific. When I moved at the end of the summer, I was really fortunate to get … Continue reading I Fried an Egg

The First Week of School

    I just want to check in to see how the first week(s) of school is going? School started for my sons on the 15th. It is unique, to say the least, as I am sure it is for everyone else. My good thoughts are with all families - no matter what their plan … Continue reading The First Week of School