My Intrepretation

I am and have been impacted by so many smart and talented people throughout my life. Within the past few years, I have been trying to focus on me, and what makes me tick. Not as a mother, a wheelchair-user, or someone's wife, but as a person who happens to describe herself with those adjectives … Continue reading My Intrepretation

FARA interview

Riding the Wave

I am no stranger to the emotional waves that seem to be a constant part of life (at least for me). Even though there is an occasional strong wave that often leaves some disaster in its wake, life's ongoing current has become normal to me. Seasonal, situational, and yes, I am sure some chemical factors … Continue reading Riding the Wave

10 Positives in the First 2 Weeks!

Last Wednesday marked two weeks that I have not left my home, with the exception of my deck and the front yard.  Until today I have felt positive and upbeat. Spending a lot of time in my home is something I am unfortunately accustomed to.  I am talking about a 5 to 6 day time … Continue reading 10 Positives in the First 2 Weeks!

The Ripple Effect

It is extremely difficult to sort out the facts from the drama, in our (the worldwide) current situation (the viral outbreak). That being said there are different rules and threats in play when you are among one of the "high risk" categories (disabled, elderly. diabetic, pregnant, etc.). Whether you heed the warnings or not is … Continue reading The Ripple Effect