The First Week of School

    I just want to check in to see how the first week(s) of school is going? School started for my sons on the 15th. It is unique, to say the least, as I am sure it is for everyone else. My good thoughts are with all families - no matter what their plan … Continue reading The First Week of School

“Preparing for the Worst”

“Preparing for the worst, and hope for the best” is a motto I am choosing to live my new life by.  Instead of hope, I choose to put a little more determination in it saying "I will do my best."  I will face every situation, old or new as if it is the first time … Continue reading “Preparing for the Worst”

Treading Water

At what point is enough, enough! I have created this world run and approved by me. I learned just over a decade ago that, I made this bed, now I must lie in it. Although there is some truth to that saying, as I find at the root of all sayings, there is some wiggle … Continue reading Treading Water

The 12 reasons why I (a Mom with a disability) Need Elves!

I love the Holidays! I can not contain my smile when I think about them. Really any excuse to give gifts (no matter how small), cook yummy food and get together with friends and family. I love the feeling of building excitement, the day when I start getting to give the gifts I have worked … Continue reading The 12 reasons why I (a Mom with a disability) Need Elves!

5 Steps to Hope

As a parent, my children luckily have not had very many occasions where they have to go to the hospital, nevermind stay overnight. I can only recall twice that my younger son has had to stay one night in the hospital. I never had to bring my older son for an overnight. I know I … Continue reading 5 Steps to Hope

Shoe Shopping

Shoe shopping is one of my least favorite activities of all time. It has always been a sore spot for me because I have always loved to shop. Clothes, accessories, home goods, for me or for others hands down the best. Of course, as I have gotten older what I shop for, and my style … Continue reading Shoe Shopping

The Joy & Learning of becoming a PCA

  About four and a half years ago, a friend at church asked me if I could think of someone appropriate to recommend for a special job. I said I would pray for that urgent request, and I did, but I also kept feeling a gentle, insistent nudge – a soft persistent tapping on my … Continue reading The Joy & Learning of becoming a PCA

My Family of PCAs

About a decade ago, I learned that I would qualify for PCA services. I had recently gotten my first subsidized (income-based) apartment through public housing. It was in the building's laundry room, as my 6 yr old son and I did our laundry together, that a PCA herself told me where to apply and that … Continue reading My Family of PCAs

Forced Family Fun a.k.a Family Vacation

Almost every summer for the past ten years my mother, sister, and I have been going to the White Mountains (Santa's Village). Of course, therefore, our separate nuclear families in various forms have always been a significant part of our trip. This year, the trip has significant meaning to me because this is the last … Continue reading Forced Family Fun a.k.a Family Vacation