My Intrepretation

I am and have been impacted by so many smart and talented people throughout my life. Within the past few years, I have been trying to focus on me, and what makes me tick. Not as a mother, a wheelchair-user, or someone's wife, but as a person who happens to describe herself with those adjectives … Continue reading My Intrepretation

Watching My Son Rise

I come from a very small family, made up of mostly women. If asked, they would say "confident" aka headstrong and bossy. My poor father was surrounded by females, even our 2 cats were female. 17 years ago, I assumed the gender of the baby I had been growing inside me, was a girl. In … Continue reading Watching My Son Rise

My Sister

When I was little, my sister was my protector; my second mother; and my confidant.  She packed my lunch, watched over me, and even made all of the games for my birthday one year.  She was the mother hen to my baby chick.   My first real memory of my sister is her teaching me how … Continue reading My Sister