5 Steps to Hope

As a parent, my children luckily have not had very many occasions where they have to go to the hospital, nevermind stay overnight. I can only recall twice that my younger son has had to stay one night in the hospital. I never had to bring my older son for an overnight. I know I … Continue reading 5 Steps to Hope

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback is as important as negative feedback, even more, important I think. In an area like accessibility, it is really easy to get caught up telling people and places what they did wrong and easy to forget to mention what they did right. Recently,  I attended the wake of a wonderful lady. Her family … Continue reading Positive Feedback

The Agony of Apple Picking

There are very few people of my generation, or not that love celebrating the seasons, their popular holidays, and tradition as much as I do. I grew up American Catholic, so the holiday traditions I tend to practice go hand in hand with my upbringing. For me, the Fall (early October), is the start of … Continue reading The Agony of Apple Picking

The Hardest Part

The not walking, sucks. Not driving blows, etc. The list is endless. I am not a Negative person, though honestly, I have more reasons than most to close my drapes, climb into comfy clothes, and crawl, “no, excuse me,” be put, under my covers and not come out. The hardest part of having a disability … Continue reading The Hardest Part

“The Sh***ing Stall”

A decade ago I secured my first handicapped-accessible apartment. It was, for transparency reasons, a one-bedroom in elderly and disabled public housing. My 6-year-old son, Winston (my black lab. service dog) and I lived in about 600 sq. ft, but it was our first apartment. In addition to being our first apartment of any kind, … Continue reading “The Sh***ing Stall”