Scars V.S. Tattoos

This morning I jokingly said to one of my PCAs, "don't worry about holding up my towel, just worry about protecting my face." So, of course, this leads the conversation to scars. Then she asked me for some reason if I had ever written about my tattoos? As I got dressed and my brain woke … Continue reading Scars V.S. Tattoos

My Dare!

A new year is an ultimate reset in my book. Fresh, clean new calendars, Christmas gift to replace or update an item, and a time to create new routines going forward. Unfortunately, it is not a complete restart button. My husband and I still have disabilities, but we too have so many routines to streamline. … Continue reading My Dare!

Holiday Recap

Even though for most of the month of December I have been sick, 12/24/19 and 12/25/19 came and went. With what I would usually call lack of planning on my part, people all around me picked up the pieces and made Christmas wonderful for me and my family. Christmas Eve began with one of our … Continue reading Holiday Recap

The 12 reasons why I (a Mom with a disability) Need Elves!

I love the Holidays! I can not contain my smile when I think about them. Really any excuse to give gifts (no matter how small), cook yummy food and get together with friends and family. I love the feeling of building excitement, the day when I start getting to give the gifts I have worked … Continue reading The 12 reasons why I (a Mom with a disability) Need Elves!

5 Steps to Hope

As a parent, my children luckily have not had very many occasions where they have to go to the hospital, nevermind stay overnight. I can only recall twice that my younger son has had to stay one night in the hospital. I never had to bring my older son for an overnight. I know I … Continue reading 5 Steps to Hope

Modeling My Auntie

In my life, I have been fortunate to have been touched by an unbelievable number of beautiful people. I classify beauty as both inside and out. Among this large number, there are some who stand out in my memories more than others, and I truly think that I would be a different person without their … Continue reading Modeling My Auntie

Self Care or Selfish?

Me failing to entertain my son, waiting for Frozen II. Since yesterday I have had no voice, which, feels like some kind of sick joke. Anyone who knows me at all knows, I always have something to say. Weirdly, when you cannot talk, you listen and think more. Communicating, especially with my 4-year-old son, has … Continue reading Self Care or Selfish?

Permanent Cabin Fever

Last night I sat and tried to reflect on how a snowstorm of this magnitude affects me personally. What I came up with might come as shock, it did to me, It does not impact my daily life as much as you think. Yes, it definitely plays a role in who is around me. My … Continue reading Permanent Cabin Fever