The Ripple Effect

It is extremely difficult to sort out the facts from the drama, in our (the worldwide) current situation (the viral outbreak). That being said there are different rules and threats in play when you are among one of the "high risk" categories (disabled, elderly. diabetic, pregnant, etc.). Whether you heed the warnings or not is … Continue reading The Ripple Effect

The “pursuit”

I was married for the first and only time when I was thirty and my older son was 10. Thirty is definitely not old, but it is old enough for me to have done my share of dating. Dating is a stage of life I do not miss at all. I have told my husband … Continue reading The “pursuit”


I graduated from high school in June of 2001. In August 2001 I was diagnosed with Friedreich's Ataxia, and almost exactly two weeks later I moved into my freshman dorm room on the ninth floor of a residence hall at Temple University in Philidelphia, PA as a social work major. That school year (fall 2001 … Continue reading Regrets

My Hell, Friedreich’s Ataxia

I am what most people (including me) would refer to as, a control freak, a micromanager, or neurotic. It is kind of a twist of fate that 19 yrs ago I was told I had a diagnosis of Fredrich's Ataxia (FA), a neuromuscular progressive degenerative genetic disorder. Basically, I was told my body would deteriorate … Continue reading My Hell, Friedreich’s Ataxia

2 Week Update

Week one of every new initiative is always the hardest. I might be finding the hardest of anyone. I purposely have to wheel by laundry, cups, clutter, and remind myself I did not make this mess! If I know it is the result of my preschooler reminding is in order. Please pick up your toys … Continue reading 2 Week Update

Treading Water

At what point is enough, enough! I have created this world run and approved by me. I learned just over a decade ago that, I made this bed, now I must lie in it. Although there is some truth to that saying, as I find at the root of all sayings, there is some wiggle … Continue reading Treading Water

Scars V.S. Tattoos

This morning I jokingly said to one of my PCAs, "don't worry about holding up my towel, just worry about protecting my face." So, of course, this leads the conversation to scars. Then she asked me for some reason if I had ever written about my tattoos? As I got dressed and my brain woke … Continue reading Scars V.S. Tattoos

My Dare!

A new year is an ultimate reset in my book. Fresh, clean new calendars, Christmas gift to replace or update an item, and a time to create new routines going forward. Unfortunately, it is not a complete restart button. My husband and I still have disabilities, but we too have so many routines to streamline. … Continue reading My Dare!

Holiday Recap

Even though for most of the month of December I have been sick, 12/24/19 and 12/25/19 came and went. With what I would usually call lack of planning on my part, people all around me picked up the pieces and made Christmas wonderful for me and my family. Christmas Eve began with one of our … Continue reading Holiday Recap