My Intrepretation

I am and have been impacted by so many smart and talented people throughout my life. Within the past few years, I have been trying to focus on me, and what makes me tick. Not as a mother, a wheelchair-user, or someone’s wife, but as a person who happens to describe herself with those adjectives and so many more. As an element of this journey, I have been discovering hobbies I enjoy doing by and for myself. When I was younger I thought “hobbies” were only for dorks, well call me a DORK because this is me. Seriously, I now understand that it takes so much inner strength to be open to new things and the true value of devoting time to yourself.

There are truly so many people I learn from. I try to take those lessons and someway incorporate them into my life. I am constantly trying to relearn things. Even taking time to calm down and reflect by coloring, a lesson taught to me almost 2 years ago by an amazing young man Shaun Gilbert. Or that if you do not ever try and continue practicing you might just miss out on something great. I will never be an artist at your level, Lauren Clark, but I am loving it!

No, my coloring is never going to be museum-worthy. As someone with fine motor difficulty, it is challenging for me. I have noted improvement from picture to picture, and improvement with anything when you have a degenerative disease is noteworthy. I almost failed coloring in kindergarten, so for me to choose to try coloring again as an adult is huge.

My first attempt with crayons about 18 months ago
My first adult coloring book
colored pencils now
Now I’m sending flowers to loved ones.
a calendar page
The latest

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