The Ripple Effect

Jimmy, Ian and I

It is extremely difficult to sort out the facts from the drama, in our (the worldwide) current situation (the viral outbreak). That being said there are different rules and threats in play when you are among one of the “high risk” categories (disabled, elderly. diabetic, pregnant, etc.). Whether you heed the warnings or not is up to you, and you may not have any fear for your own health, I get it, but the true questions are, do you really get it?

I, and many people of the high-risk categories, live our life being as vigilant as we can to not contract the flu or the common cold.  Either of these two common afflictions among others quite often lands me in the hospital for at minimum IV Fluids. As someone whose only defense is a good offense, my choice to follow advice to stay home and limit my exposure to people outside of my home is my form of protection. 

Yes, avoiding crowds is very crucial, but also small groups and even individual contact has to be taken into consideration. All people are potential carriers, regardless of the size group they are in when they come in contact with you. The few people involved may not show any symptoms or even be sick at all, but those people have also come in contact with others, who have come in contact with others, and so on.  This ongoing ripple effect is what terrifies me. 

My son and nephew in our driveway!

So, the Corona Virus does definitely scares me, but so do many circumstances that warrant the hospital.  The hospitals are over capacity and are breeding ground for other illnesses, making a hospital visit at this time off-limits to me.

I have had to tell some of my PCA staff to not return for an undetermined amount of time and had to turn to the members of my household to complete my activities of daily living, such as showering.  Of course, there are some drawbacks to being in a house with 7, 3 of whom are under the age of 18, and 4 out of 7 of us are considered high risk. I am sure in a few days our 1500 sq ft will feel even smaller and we will be all crafted out. We just have to remind ourselves of our reasons for doing this and remember that this too will pass.

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