My Dare!

A new year is an ultimate reset in my book. Fresh, clean new calendars, Christmas gift to replace or update an item, and a time to create new routines going forward. Unfortunately, it is not a complete restart button. My husband and I still have disabilities, but we too have so many routines to streamline. When, within our 2 hours with our morning PCA, to shower, who and when will accompany me to the gym? New PCAs start and leave, making drastic changes in our lives.

I think the biggest challenge that anyone faces is making those new routines into new habits. This happens to be one of my personal strengths. Where I tend to struggle is helping my family create routines for themselves. The day inevitably comes when a chore is forgotten or a time slot is missed by one them, and I then change the routine I have created for myself, in an effort to help. Who am I helping? Not myself, I have missed my chance to shower, I most likely have taken on the multitude of activities that caused me to delegate chores in the first place. So, my New Year’s Resolution is to let people in my life be responsible for their own actions and schedules. As a mother, and a person who carries a great amount of guilt for my physical limitations, this is a challenge to me. So in this New Year I dare you to dig deep and challenge yourself too!


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