Permanent Cabin Fever

Ian and I watching a Christmas movie.

Last night I sat and tried to reflect on how a snowstorm of this magnitude affects me personally. What I came up with might come as shock, it did to me, It does not impact my daily life as much as you think. Yes, it definitely plays a role in who is around me. My entire household is home, 7 people, 2 cats, a rabbit, 2 Leopard geckoes, and a partridge in a pear tree. Right, that’s a lot of living things stuck in little ranch house for 2+ days. I myself have not left our comfy home since noontime Saturday, making it 72 hours so far. Which, must sound unbearable to some people, but to me, it is actually quite normal.

Our Advent Calander!

In a lot of ways, a big snowstorm/ blizzard is a great equalizer for me. For a brief amount of time, everyone is stuck, if they forgot to get something at the store while they were there, oh well. You eat what you have, entertainment is what is available in your house. The only people you see live with you unless there is someone in your life who goes out of their way just to see you.

Me eating chicken soup, my friend Laura brought over. yummy

Planning and preparation, as usual, is key. Pre-done activities, Christmas count downs and such are what keeps my 4-year-old son motivated. He, of course, has the one with the daily chocolate. My older son had the premade kind sorry to say, now I have one with built-in pockets that I choose the type of candy, Ian also gets to choose to unwrap one book a night to Santa come’s a new to him the book to read at bedtime.

Dec.1 A new Hardy Boys book for Ian!

As for cabin fever, I watch everyone around me fight boredom and itch to get back to their lives. But this is my life and the end is nowhere in sight. I continually run out of closets to go through, things to organize and clean. Cabin fever, haha, they have no idea. Every time I go to the store I have that I have to get what I can while I can feeling. I can’t just get into my car or take a walk alone. It will stop snowing and the clean up will be over, the school will resume, and people will go back to work.

My nephew (Theo) and son (Justin) hard at work!

I am not saying my way at life is better, in fact, I am saying maybe, just maybe you can have a little taste of my life. The world around you grinds to halt and all of a sudden it is what you make of it. So as life slowly gets back to normal don’t forget the people who live in a storm year-round.

Doing crafts with my boys!