Birthday Magic

The Birthday Boy Sleeps!

Today my baby boy turned 4 years old. In itself having survived until now is cause for a party. Really, just a bunch more white hairs and a few more wrinkles. These past few years have been tough, who am I kidding, all my years have been tough. Almost 12 years ago my older son turned 4, today I watched that almost grown man help his brother open his toys and my chest almost exploded with pride. When Justin (16) turned 4, I honestly did not think I would still be alive 12 years later, let alone have a second son. Life, crazy, right?

My 4-year-old Baby!

I am here though and I am not done. For a while, I think I chose motherhood to hide and define me. My sons are everything to me but now I am and have been working hard to discover who I am, in addition to a mother. One of the best parts of being an excellent parent is having others to help support and guide your children. Yup, it takes a Village.

One of my boys is 4!

As I mingled around the party room, I looked at my friends and their children playing and laughing. Both new (today)old (25years) friends and family (life) were there. I was amazed by the people from all walks of my life who came out to help celebrate my son. I probably, more so then most people understand how hard it is to carve out time for people! I am learning though it is a must! The people that make up my Village are amazing and I am grateful to have them in our lives for the long hall.

The Partiers!