The Lunacy of Limbo

My Son age 3

My younger son is three, and my daily, fairly predictable, life has become insane. I end almost every night, recently, in tears. Either of relief that one more day is done, or of pure exhaustion. Most of the time it is a little bit of both. There is a certain amount of solace that I find, in hearing from others, that neither he nor I appear atypical. Also, it does not appear to be anything to do with my disability or my skills as a mother. It is purely that I am a stay-at-home mom, who does not drive, and my son is a smart, active 3yr old.

Similar to how a woman is able to forget parts of the agony of childbirth, our minds are able to block out periods in our life that could be classified as torturous. I have found it crucial at this stage of my son’s development, to invoke every resource I have. I have and will continue to accept all forms of help. This is an ‘all hands on deck’ situation.

I refer to this stage as limbo because my son is not a toddler, not yet in school, very independent, but requires fulltime observation/ care. He and I are stuck in this very slow-moving purgatory or limbo. Having an older son, I know the end is near and we both will get through this, but while you’re trying to make it through sometimes the finish line becomes a blur.

2 thoughts on “The Lunacy of Limbo

  1. You know I love that picture of Ian wearing my “stupie” glasses! So reminiscent of the one taken of Justin wearing another pair of them.

    You are a fantastic mother and not only will you and Ian will survive this latest phase, but you will both thrive.

    One only has to look at the man Justin is to know that Ian will be equally compassionate, gifted and talented.

    I am so proud of you and your sister and your spouses and your sons!



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