Learning to Accept

    Over and over again I share all different aspects of my life, not because I am looking for praise or people’s approval, but because writing and sharing (venting) help me process a situation.    I also hope people can learn from my story.  I do not spend my time reading to my sons … Continue reading Learning to Accept

I Fried an Egg

Last night I fried eggs and bacon for Ian and me.  I have not cooked on a stovetop without anyone to assist me in about eight yrs.  I have always loved cooking, well baking if you want to get specific. When I moved at the end of the summer, I was really fortunate to get … Continue reading I Fried an Egg


Toxins are all around us. They can range from manufactured, bacterial, biological, just to name a few. Dictionary.com says,” a toxin is any poison produced by an organism.” Certain people are arguably poisonous to each, therefore making their relationship toxic. A toxic relationship is not isolated to romantic relationships. It can be any form of … Continue reading Toxic