Learning to Accept

    Over and over again I share all different aspects of my life, not because I am looking for praise or people’s approval, but because writing and sharing (venting) help me process a situation.    I also hope people can learn from my story.  I do not spend my time reading to my sons … Continue reading Learning to Accept

I Fried an Egg

Last night I fried eggs and bacon for Ian and me.  I have not cooked on a stovetop without anyone to assist me in about eight yrs.  I have always loved cooking, well baking if you want to get specific. When I moved at the end of the summer, I was really fortunate to get … Continue reading I Fried an Egg


Toxins are all around us. They can range from manufactured, bacterial, biological, just to name a few. Dictionary.com says,” a toxin is any poison produced by an organism.” Certain people are arguably poisonous to each, therefore making their relationship toxic. A toxic relationship is not isolated to romantic relationships. It can be any form of … Continue reading Toxic

The First Week of School

    I just want to check in to see how the first week(s) of school is going? School started for my sons on the 15th. It is unique, to say the least, as I am sure it is for everyone else. My good thoughts are with all families - no matter what their plan … Continue reading The First Week of School

“Preparing for the Worst”

“Preparing for the worst, and hope for the best” is a motto I am choosing to live my new life by.  Instead of hope, I choose to put a little more determination in it saying "I will do my best."  I will face every situation, old or new as if it is the first time … Continue reading “Preparing for the Worst”

Starting Over, Again

The world is currently going through a time period that, a year ago, most of us would never have thought possible.  During such a time of uncertainties, I and many people around me are taking a step back and looking at their lives from a different perspective.  So many parts of our current lives are … Continue reading Starting Over, Again

My Intrepretation

I am and have been impacted by so many smart and talented people throughout my life. Within the past few years, I have been trying to focus on me, and what makes me tick. Not as a mother, a wheelchair-user, or someone's wife, but as a person who happens to describe herself with those adjectives … Continue reading My Intrepretation

FARA interview


Riding the Wave

I am no stranger to the emotional waves that seem to be a constant part of life (at least for me). Even though there is an occasional strong wave that often leaves some disaster in its wake, life's ongoing current has become normal to me. Seasonal, situational, and yes, I am sure some chemical factors … Continue reading Riding the Wave

10 Positives in the First 2 Weeks!

Last Wednesday marked two weeks that I have not left my home, with the exception of my deck and the front yard.  Until today I have felt positive and upbeat. Spending a lot of time in my home is something I am unfortunately accustomed to.  I am talking about a 5 to 6 day time … Continue reading 10 Positives in the First 2 Weeks!